Wake yourself up

/July 2023

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there is a saying:

"Life is not about surpassing others, but about surpassing yourself."

Life is limited.

how to broaden the width and depth of life in a limited life is a lifelong topic.

in this life, people are most afraid to muddle through life.

I am most afraid of always planning something, but never taking action, and finally spend my life in infinite remorse.

as the saying goes, "hate iron is not steel."

We are used to pointing fingers at other people's lives, but forget that the most important thing for a person is to wake himself up.

wake yourself up and forget about the past

Voltaire once said:

"it is not the distant mountain that makes people tired, but a grain of sand in the shoe."

those who limit their progress are often unable to let go of people and things that have passed.

wake yourself up, not thinking about the past, but also not afraid of the future;

is to forgive others and to make peace with yourself;

is to undertake and accept, but also to start all over again.

the past is in the past. It is better to let it go. The more you know how to let go, the happier you will be.

Lloyd George has a habit of closing the door behind her.

one day, George and his friends were walking in the yard.

There is nothing more desirable than one of our cocktail white dress. We have the perfect selections to cater for all tastes.

every time they pass through a door, George shuts it behind them.

"do you need to close these doors?" My friend is very puzzled.

George smiled and said:

"I've been shutting the door behind me all my life, and that's what I have to do.

when you close the door, leave the past behind, whether it's a good achievement or an annoying mistake, and then you can start all over again. "

my friend was lost in thought after hearing this.

it was in this spirit that George went to success step by step.

Feng Zikai once wrote: "not confused, not trapped in love, not afraid of the future, do not think about the past, so safe."

Life needs this kind of wisdom.

Life is like a glass of water, only when the original water is poured out can it be filled with new water.

there are many unpleasant things in everyone's life.

too big to find a suitable job, buy a suitable house, or talk about a date;

so small that he was criticized by the leader for a mistake and was about to be late but couldn't get on the subway.

and finally break you, maybe it's not that you can't afford the bad result,

it's that you can't let go of your bad mood.

there is nothing important in life but life and death.

there is no insurmountable hurdle in life. Only by waking yourself up can we stop indulging in the past.

wake yourself up and find your location

there is a sentence in the Ten Ten of Yanzi's Spring and Autumn period:

"tangerine is orange in Huainan and trifoliate orange in Huaibei."

everything has its own characteristics and attributes, and only when it is used in the right place can its value be brought into full play.

if you work in the wrong direction, you will get the wrong result.

during the warring States period, there was a native of Lu who was very good at weaving straw sandals, while his wife was very good at weaving white silk.

however, because Lu is a small country, and there are many people in this field.

their business is not so good that they can barely make ends meet.

such days make the people of the State of Lu very dissatisfied.

he thought to himself: with the skills of husband and wife, if they go to other countries, they will certainly have a lot to do.

so the two men packed up and prepared to go to Yue.

at this time, a friend came to visit and saw them ready to go, so he asked them curiously where they were going.

the two answered truthfully, while the friend said, "if you go to Vietnam, you will only be poorer."

the couple were very puzzled and asked their friends why.

the friend replied:

"Straw sandals are used to walk in clothes, while Vietnamese are used to walking barefoot and do not need shoes at all.

White silk is used to make hats, while the Vietnamese are used to wearing their hair, and hats are of no use to them.

your strengths go where you are not needed. Do you think you will make a difference? "

later, the native of Lu followed the advice of his friend and went to the State of Qi.

there, the couple gave full play to their strengths, and straw sandals and hats sold very well.

within a few years, he lived a rich life.

people should believe: "the talent that heaven and earth make me must have its use."

only by finding your best position can you maximize your advantages.

most of the time, it's not because you can't do it, but because you don't find the right environment.

when you find that the environment is not suitable for you, the best way is to stop the loss in time, re-choose, and find the most suitable position for you.

Don't be afraid of failure, try more, and find what works best for you in the experience over and over again in order to grow quickly.

wake yourself up and live through

poet Lu Li said: "think of yourself as dirt, always think of yourself as a pearl, and you will have the pain of being buried."

living and thorough people can always walk through the years with a clear mind and leisurely steps.

Xiong Guobao, a Chinese badminton player who won the world championship, was interviewed by reporters.Ask.

the reporter asked him, "which coach is most grateful to you for winning the world championship?"

he thought for a moment and said, "if I really want to be grateful, I should be most grateful for my cultivation. It is because no one is optimistic about me that I am where I am today."

when he was selected for the national team, he only practiced with other players.

so I spend a lot more time practicing ball every day than others.

when the racket line is broken, he will change into a thread; if the shoe is broken, he will mend a piece of rubber; if the jersey is broken, he will mend a piece of cloth.

in winter, ten degrees below zero, I still go for a morning run at five o'clock in the morning to build up my strength.

in fact, no one cares whether he will win or not.

but he was not discouraged, went through five hurdles and finally climbed to the podium of the world champion.

without Bole, he still proves that he is a Chollima.

such people will make achievements no matter where they are.

because they understand their potential and have transparency that is not affected by the attitudes of others.

this is the way life is. Positive people always control their lives with the most optimistic attitude.

but negative people are always caught in the shadow of failure and confusion.

you know, people's life can not always be plain sailing, but it can not be all difficulties and obstacles.

how far a person can go depends on how far his heart can go and how far his vision can see.

Don't give up because of a little bit of frustration, just keep going and there will be different scenery.

there are only people who can't figure it out, and there's no road that can't be taken.

things in the world are always trapped in thinking, but broken in action.

people are most afraid of lying to themselves. Only you know what state you are in.

on the way of life, you must not have the mentality of "muddling along". You must have the determination to wake yourself up.

looking back on your life, you will thank yourself that no matter what the final result is, the sense of achievement that you have worked hard for is irreplaceable.

from now on, give yourself a chance to start over.

, may you get what you want for the rest of your life, and leave time to prove what happens in the future.