When you are in a bad mood, do these three things

/July 2023


everyone in this world is in a bad mood.

when you are in a bad mood, you only need to do these three things:

run, exercise, relax, read, study, enrich yourself, and accept that everything goes against your wishes.

believe in yourself, you will be able to get out of the trough of life.

run for fitness, relax yourself

when there are too many negative emotions to vent, it is a very good choice to exercise.

in the process of exercise, the taut nerves will slowly relax, and the mood will naturally become more relaxed.

the latest foreign research findings:

low intensity exercise is significantly related to cognition and attention, while high intensity exercise can increase emotion processing ability.

I think deeply that exercise and fitness can really make people through the famine years of life.

I remember that when I just graduated from college, I failed in the postgraduate entrance examination and sent out a lot of resumes but never found a suitable job. I was once depressed.

I feel like I can't do anything and doubt myself all day.

later, my friend took me to the gym once.

that time, because I was in a bad mood, I ran desperately, trying to vent all the unpleasant things in my life through running.

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although I am very tired, the effect is obvious. I feel very relaxed after running.

it seems that all negative emotions are excreted with sweat.

that night, it was also my best sleep in that period.

from the beginning of reluctance, to my obsession with running and fitness, the whole person exudes radiant confidence.

also in the process of running and fitness, I gradually got rid of depression and finally found a good job.

running and fitness is a spiritual redemption for all of us.

you will be upset if you can't get over it, so be sure to give yourself some time to try running and working out and let all your negative emotions flow away with the sweat.

find a way to get out of your negative emotions and believe that everything will come to an end.

read and study, enrich yourself

Mr. Yang Jiang once said:

"your main problem is that you read too little and think too much."

most of the time, the trouble is not because others have hurt you, but because you care too much about something.

people will worry only if they are not satisfied.

Zhihu saw a reader tell his story:

some time ago, I was so depressed and anxious that I couldn't get interested no matter what I did.

you don't have to go to work, and you have nothing to do at home.

so I bought a large number of books. I saw all kinds of life in novels, got rid of impetuosity from inspirational books, and learned new knowledge from tool books.

as Francis Bacon said:

"Reading is not for eloquence and refutation, nor for credulity and blind obedience, but for thinking and weighing."

it can be seen that when you enter the world of books, many things that you have struggled with before will suddenly become clear.

you will find that it is not that the things that happen to you are too big, but that your own pattern is too small.

every book you read can accompany you through a period of intermittent collapse.

No matter how much you bind yourself in life, you are free in the book;

No matter how lonely you feel, you can get warm in the book;

if you don't want to get caught up in negative emotions, read more books and let them dissipate as you calm down.

read and learn to enrich yourself, and you will have the courage to meet the difficulties given by life.

accept everything, things go against one's wishes

Luo Xiang once said such a sentence in a program:

"do what you think is right, and then accept that it is counterproductive."

I feel the same way.

there are nine times out of ten unpleasant things in life. If we can accept them peacefully, this is the great wisdom of dealing with the world.

once read such a short story:

A king was accidentally bitten off his pinkie by his prey while hunting.

the king was very angry about this.

the courtier smiled and said to the king, "everything is the best arrangement."

the king felt that his courtiers were gloating, so he was angry with thunder, put them in prison, and said, "is this prison the best arrangement?"

later, the king paid a private visit, but encountered unenlightened natives in remote areas, who tied up the king as a sacrifice.

during the sacrifice, the natives found the king's severed little finger and felt that the sacrifice was incomplete, so they found the sacrifice again and spared the king.

for this, the king dodged a bullet.

when he returned to the palace, the king felt that he had misjudged his courtier and ordered him to be released.

after getting out of prison, the courtier bowed down in front of the king and said:

"if the king had not imprisoned me, I would have decidedI will accompany the king on a private visit, and it will be me who will make the sacrifice. I would like to thank the king for my detention, all of which is the best arrangement. "

it can be seen that everything in the world has cause and effect.

neither complaint nor chagrin can resolve our misfortune, so we have to accept it calmly.

it is only natural that we should do our best and listen to our destiny.

only by keeping such an optimistic attitude can we have more possibilities in our lives.

Yes, in life, there are many things that cannot be forced or retained.

if a person can not let go of his inner obsession and cannot accept that things go against his wishes, then such a life will be bitter and anxious.

therefore, we need to understand that we can be free as soon as we let it go.

only by accepting that everything is contrary to one's wishes can one be happy and calm.