When you reach middle age, I advise you to be a ruthless person.

/July 2023


once heard such a sentence:

"Middle age is a laughing age, not only to please the elderly, but also to set an example for the daughter, but also to always pay attention to the wife's face, constantly cater to the boss."

A few words are true and heart-piercing.

when people reach middle age, they have heavier responsibilities on their shoulders and greater pressure on their hearts.

in the face of the test of life, they can only put on heavy armor and start again.

in the second half of life, only by being ruthless can we have a chance to turn against the wind.

be a cruel person who is responsible for your own life, and your life will become more fulfilling and wonderful.

long-term doctrine, can suffer from self-discipline

when we were young, we used to think that life is about doing whatever you want to be happy.

but as we get older, we realize that self-discipline and indulgence lead a completely different life.

people who indulge can get temporary comfort, but not long-term happiness;

self-disciplined people have to endure the pain of restraining their desires, but they can be rewarded with all their pains.

I saw a piece of news about my "best" mother on the Internet.

after giving birth to the baby, she felt that her life had gradually changed beyond recognition.

the slim lady of the past has become a wide and fat housewife.

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besides taking care of the children, her daily life is to do housework. She lost herself in the trivial life.

she suddenly realized that life could not go on like this, and that there were many things she wanted to do.

so she made a self-disciplined growth plan for herself.

get up at 5: 30 every morning, read books and do exercises for 1 hour. Make breakfast at 06:30, feed and dress the children at 7 o'clock, and go to work at 8 o'clock.

run at least 3 times a week, read two books, and get together with friends once.

while making a summary of this month at the end of the month, she will also make plans for next month, buy the books to read in advance, and sort out the materials that need to be reviewed in advance.

under the supervision of this schedule, she lost weight from 130 jin to 100 jin in 2015 and was admitted as a graduate student at Peking University.

in 2016, she ran 1000 kilometers, read 100 books, completed a marathon and got three job-related qualifications.

in the first half of 2017, he ran more than 100 kilometers per month and read more than 5 books a month.

with tenacious perseverance, she successfully completed all her plans.

because of her long-term self-discipline, she not only slimmed down successfully and regained her former self-confidence, but also improved her education and awareness, and had more chips in her work.

the Road that few people take says: "the first solution to life's problems is self-discipline. Without this link, you can't solve any troubles and difficulties. "

only by persisting in self-discipline and constantly breaking through oneself can we break the cocoon into a butterfly and regain a new life.

when you reach middle age and become a long-term activist, your life will be more concise and the future will be more exciting.

grow up in a broken circle and not be trapped at ease

Yu Minhong, founder of New Oriental, has experienced highlights and troughs in his life.

however, in the face of prosperity or adversity, his choice is to grow in a broken circle and live in the sun.

he was admitted to Peking University from a small city and took part in the college entrance examination three times before he was admitted.

if he works hard and continues to improve, he may still become a professor.

however, he is not willing to live a stable and comfortable life. He decided to come out from Peking University and take a risk by himself.

after leaving, Yu Minhong started his own business.

at the beginning of his business, he did not have enough money and had to live in an illegal building with only 10 square meters and leaking wind and rain.

there is only a table, a chair and a bucket frozen before finishing the advertisement in winter.

every morning and evening, Yu Minhong goes out to look for telephone pole advertisements with a bucket in his hand.

with perseverance and efforts, they set up New Oriental School in Beijing.

but times are changing, and the New East is beginning to go downhill.

and none of these difficulties can defeat Yu Minhong. In December 2021, with the transformation and development of New Oriental employees, he moved to the short video platform and started a live broadcast.

in the studio, 60-year-old Yu Minhong, in the way of an educated man, walked out a road of prosperous development, making New Oriental born again.

his life could have been easy. However, he did not want to be a frog in warm water, so he bravely chose to go out of his comfort zone and take a chance.

Wang Xiao once said: "all the masters have experienced deliberate practice, forcing themselves out of the comfort zone, into the study zone, and then let their abilities become stronger and stronger."

Life is unpredictable. If you stay in your comfort zone forever, you will only make yourself farther and farther away from the outside world.

when one day, the wind and rain comes, we will only be caught off guard and lose the ability to resist the wind and rain.

We should do a good job at any time.Prepare for the rain.

take the initiative to change and have the courage to break the circle in order to hold your head high in front of life and live a better life.

pass through the joys and sorrows without fear of troughs and troughs

writer Martin once said: "every strong man has clenched his teeth for a period of time when there is no help, no support, no one asks for warmth."

A person's life has its ups and downs, with both the joy of success and the pain of adversity.

everyone goes through the dark moments of life, but those days when you can't see the light is actually the best time to hone yourself.

get over it, there is a sunny day ahead.

Fan Deng, a famous scholar, once shared his own experience in a program.

in 2011, after graduating from graduate school, he joined CCTV as a planner and host.

as a newcomer, when he first arrived at the unit, it was difficult for him to get the attention of the leader.

coupled with the fact that the traditional media was going downhill at that time, the programs planned by many people in the station could not be recognized by the leaders.

for a time, he didn't have any programs to do, couldn't find the direction of his life, and his career was at a low ebb.

the dilemma of life followed, such as low wages, high rents and high pressure, which made him feel willing but powerless.

when he was at a low ebb, he made a decision: since life is so difficult and he is incompetent, he might as well make use of this time to study hard and improve himself.

so he spent a year reading various versions of the Analects of Confucius and various books.

after a long period of study and accumulation, his abilities in all aspects have also been greatly improved in the course of practice.

slowly, he was not only recognized by the leadership, but also greatly improved in life.

in 2013, he left CCTV to start the Fan Deng Book Club, which is very popular with book friends.

Today, he has tens of millions of fans and an annual income of more than 100 million.

Fan Deng said: "when people are at a low ebb, it is better to calm down and study hard." It's time for you to prepare yourself, and it's time for you to accumulate energy. "

No one's life in this world will be plain sailing. In the adult world, who is not injured and healed at the same time.

do not indulge in the glory of highlights, nor fear the desolation of troughs.

as "full-time Master" said: "there is no absolute dividing line between losing and winning, as long as you keep moving forward, the trough may become high."

everyone goes through troughs, but you are the only one who can really let you go out.

after all, we have to understand: life is full of hardships and joys and sorrows; all kinds of hardships, only self-passage.

when you are down in life, you might as well be ruthless to yourself, calm down, polish well, and save more energy for yourself.

when the willow is dark and the flowers are bright, we will be able to greet a better future with a better posture.

when you reach middle age, you are advised to be cruel

Zhang ailing once wrote about middle-aged people in half a Life: "as soon as you open your eyes, they are all people who depend on him."

when you reach middle age, you have to learn to be ruthless, and the road of life will be more and more smooth.

only by adhering to self-discipline can you practice your ability.

only when you grow up in a broken circle can you break through your own limits.

only by crossing the joys and sorrows can you reach the other side of life.


, happiness will come as promised only if you are ruthless for the rest of your life.