Whether your life is good or not, you can tell by your mouth.

/July 2023

all Fukuda, not apart from the square inch, cause and effect reincarnation, has always existed.

what you say and do indicates the way you want to go.

Karma is unforgiving, and people who are too mean will not be liked.

people who have a vicious mouth are most likely to cause trouble.

what kind of life is sometimes reflected incisively and vividly from a mouth.

what you say, that's who you are

the ancients said:


if the mouth does not accumulate virtue, it will do more harm to others than to yourself.


if you keep one


right or wrong


mouth, it will constantly provoke right and wrong;

if you keep one




mouth, there will always be trouble;

if you keep one




mouth, bad things turn into good things.

whatever mouth you keep and what you say, you will keep people around you.

always talk about right and wrong, and most of the people left behind are troublemakers.

always pokes people's scars, and most of the people around them are penny-pinching.

the mouth always hurts people, and it will not be tolerated sooner or later if you regard the sufferings of others as your own pleasure.

be considerate of others, be kind to others, and talent will be kind to you.

whether a person is blessed or not, one can tell by opening his mouth

when some people open their mouths, they expose their shallow self-cultivation.

talk regardless, just for your own pleasure, take pleasure in poking people's scars, and take pride in making others difficult.

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has no respect for others.

such people say bad things and do bad things.

over time, there are fewer and fewer blessings and more and more problems.

details determine success or failure; words determine connections.

the more damaged the mouth, the worse the relationship; the more poisonous the mouth, the worse the image.

the more he talks and does not give others a way out, his contacts will become less and less.

after all, no one wants to be friends with a person who is always good at making mistakes.

people with a good mouth know how to defend other people's shortcomings, how to respect other people's past, don't say what they shouldn't say, and know how to leave leeway.

your mouth is your feng shui

people have shortcomings, do not expose; people have selfishness, do not say much.

when we get along with others, we should know how to respect others, don't talk nonsense about other people's right and wrong, and don't judge others at will.

be too outspoken and put yourself in a dilemma.

No one wants to get along with someone who always talks about people behind their backs.

No one wants to be the talk after dinner in other people's mouths.

A kind word is also a kind of good deed.

knowing how to be silent is better than talking too much; knowing to shut up is also a matter of spiritual practice.

A person who can tell what can be said and what can't be said must be a man of great wisdom.

people have four words, so they can't say more:

negative words, complaining too much will be boring;

malevolent words, harm to more people will be bad for luck;

if you are hypocritical, you will embarrass yourself if you lie to others.

hurtful words, disrespect will lead to trouble.

have a good heart, a good mouth, a good fate, and a good fortune.

when you speak, you must know how to think carefully; when you do things, you must know that there is a way out.

speak less and do more, make no mistakes; be kind to others and form a good relationship.

when we dismantle the platform and replace it with human maintenance;

when we replace bad words with encouragement, your luck will not be less, but your happiness will be more.

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