Your attitude towards your family is your truest EQ.

/July 2023


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A friend once shared his story.

one day, when he was helping his child with his homework at home, he couldn't help shouting when he saw that the child was writing very slowly.

at this time, the customer called, and he immediately lowered the volume and began to talk to each other with a pleasant face.

the child looked at his changes and asked questioningly, "Dad, why are you so gentle to others and so mean to me?"

at that moment he realized that he had left his worst temper to his family.

I very much agree with the saying that advanced EQ is still respectful and patient to those who are most familiar with and closest to them.

in fact, understanding a person's EQ is very simple, depending on his attitude towards his family.

because in front of his family, he will take off all his disguises and show the most authentic side.

in the movie woman 40, A'e had to resign because she had to take care of her sick father-in-law.

but because of her responsibility, the boss of the company took the initiative to retain her and gave her a two-month holiday to deal with family affairs.

in the boss's opinion, people who know how to be kind to their families are more trustworthy and reliable.

if a person is kind to his family, he will not have a bad attitude towards outsiders.

if he has a bad attitude towards his family but flatters others, there will be a big problem with his character and EQ.


@ Li Mingming

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, shared a thing that happened when she first entered the workplace on Douban.

at the end of last year, Xiao Zeng was reprimanded by his boss in front of everyone.

because when he was making a very important report, he missed a piece of data. fortunately, when he submitted it, he was found by the leader, otherwise the company would lose a big order.

Xiao Zeng, who was lagging behind, was recalculating the report in silence.

then he received a phone call and suddenly got angry at the other end of the phone: "just this little thing, will you please leave me alone!"

seeing the out-of-control Xiao Zeng, everyone was dumbfounded. He, who had always had a good temper, had never been so angry, and everyone asked him what was going on.

he said slightly awkwardly, "it's all right. It's my wife."

this incident has given people a new view of him. It turns out that there is such a side to him, who is usually modest and kind to his colleagues and patient and polite to his clients.

the personnel manager also saw that Xiao Zeng was silently crossed off from the list of students who went to the company headquarters to study.

you know, two faces at home and abroad is not a kind of wisdom, but one of the stupidity of human nature.

A good temper outside may only be smooth in dealing with the world, while a good mood at home is a person's rarest EQ.

psychologist David Hawkins drew a "map of the energy hierarchy of human consciousness" in his book Energy and stress.

in fact, most of us may be in energy fields such as apathy, fear, anger, and so on.

but some people will hide these energies from outsiders and turn around to vent on their families.