Zhao Liying wedding video released, this scene angered the whole network: do you still want to be shameless?

/July 2023

like Dapu Ben! The TV series "Happiness to Wanjia" played by Zhao Liying is finally coming to an end.

can not stand the netizens of Amway, uncle is to chase from beginning to end.

it is believed that many people are as angry as uncle by "happiness to ten thousand families".

especially the marriage trouble inside, it makes people's blood pressure soar!

No wonder netizens joked that they had "07:30 hypertension syndrome"!

grab bamboo shoots!

he Happy, played by Zhao Liying, married an honest man, Wang Qinglai. On the wedding day, sister he Lucky made a special trip home to accompany her sister as a bridesmaid.

the wedding was lively and festive, but I didn't think of it, and a disgusting scene happened immediately.

the handsome he Luck has been targeted by the Wan Chuanjia family of "Earth Snake".

when he Lucky went out to make a phone call, he took a group of younger brothers and tampered with her in the name of "hilarious" and blocked her in the room.

A group of people surrounded the little girl, regardless of the lucky cry, pressed her on the table, tore her clothes, and put the salty pig's hand into the clothes.

when he heard that he Luck called for help, the younger brother of the bridegroom was afraid of an accident and hurriedly went to ask for help.

unexpectedly, he was stopped by his mother. "Marriage is a festive picture, only when some people are happy."

Wang Qinglai, who has always been soft-tempered, hesitated and did not come forward to stop him, but dared to stand at the door and beg not to go too far.

he Happy, who heard his sister's cry for help, kicked the door open, picked up the stool and smashed it down, which ended the farce.

A good wedding was ruined by these people who actually committed indecency and hooliganism in the name of "making fun".

this is unavoidably disturbing.

I do not know since when, marriage trouble has become a custom, vulgar marriage trouble is endless, marriage trouble in TV series is only the tip of the iceberg, but in real life is much more than that.

how many tricks are there in marriage?

search for "marriage trouble" on the Internet, and there are not a few related news. all kinds of vulgar wedding scenes have been exposed, only tricks you can't think of, and nothing they can't do.

A woman once posted the tragic experience of her wedding, which made people very infuriated!

before the wedding, the couple communicated with their friends, and the wedding was joyous, but don't go too far, and now the friends gladly agreed.

unexpectedly, as soon as they appeared on the stage, a lot of people sprayed foam on them, and the two instantly became "snowmen"!

when he saw the newcomer's embarrassment, he almost fell on the stage, and everyone felt that he had made the most of it, so he reined in a little bit.

so it's over? No, when the newlyweds were ready to exchange rings, those people rushed onto the stage again and sprayed them again.

although the emcee kindly came forward to dissuade them, he could not stop their "enthusiasm" until he was satisfied.

but at this time, the wedding was destroyed, the couple collapsed, and even the toast of the wedding banquet had no choice but to be cancelled.

and the bride was so angry that she almost wanted to divorce on the spot.

is it incredible after reading it?

but such bottomless marriage tricks are numerous.

before the wedding began in Zaozhuang, Shandong Province, the bridegroom was hung high in the air by his friends, leaving only one piece of clothes and sprayed with a water cannon.

then, the crane was rotated and looked frightening, while the people below rushed to take pictures, regardless of whether it was dangerous or not.

after that, the poor bridegroom was taped to a tree by a group of people, put on a green hat and kept throwing eggs at him.

what I know is "hilarious", but what I don't know is that the bridegroom has committed some heinous crime and is going to undergo such a terrible torment!

under the encouragement of people in Kaifeng, Henan Province, a bridegroom was stripped down to his underwear and locked up in an iron cage like a prisoner.

this is not over, onlookers brought a bucket of paint and poured on the bridegroom's head, directly turning him into a "hulk".

I can't bear to look directly at it!

in the name of "making a scene and sending blessings", the rude and vulgar behavior is disgusting!

Wedding is an important moment in life, and many people think that being happy is nothing more than trying to be lively and joyous.

but blindly taking vulgarity for fun breaks through the bottom line of morality and ethics, which is undoubtedly an insult to the wedding.

in this way, there is no "gift" in the wedding, it is purely a "noisy" play!

connive at vulgar marriage trouble,

finally reduced to a tragic crime?

there has always been a custom of "weddings without size for three days" in many places.

the original intention of making a fuss is to enliven the wedding atmosphere and add joyful elements.

however, some people break the bottom line again and again in the name of "making fun" and practicing evil and vulgarity in full view of the public.

many people should have seen a piece of news that the bridegroom was involved in a car accident in order to avoid the wedding accident.

it turned out that he was worried by his friends at the wedding. In a panic, he ran onto the highway and wanted to take a shortcut home.

was accidentally knocked down by a passing car.

after rescue, although there is no life danger, but the body also left a disability.

even, if you accidentally overdo it, it will kill you.

there is a local custom in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province."beating the bridegroom" has the saying that "the more you fight, the more blessings you will have."

as a result, Mr. Li, the 24-year-old bridegroom, was beaten and slammed by friends and relatives.

unexpectedly, three days later, he suddenly felt unwell and finally died.

what is puzzling is that it seems that this marriage has become a trend, constantly testing the bottom line crazily.

however, when you go too crazy, you will eventually welcome

to be punished by law.

Xiao Li, a 16-year-old girl from Taian, was invited to be a bridesmaid.

thought it was a simple thing, but it turned out to be her lifelong nightmare.

after arriving at the bridegroom's house, Xiao Li was locked up in the room by a group of boys she had never met before.

they pressed Xiao Li on the bed, feeling all over her body and stripping off her clothes.

No matter how Xiao Li resisted and cried for help, it was of no avail.

the more she struggles, the more unscrupulous those people become.

and those scum still don't care: "Don't you just touch it a few times? what are you crying about? it's worth it."

such a dark experience once made Xiao Li lose her mind, suffered from severe depression and committed suicide more than twice.

but when Xiao Li could not get out in the shadow, the group of people who hurt her had already forgotten their evil deeds, continued to be unrestrained and happy, and extended their poisonous hands to the next girl.

after that, Xiao Li's parents stayed with her all the time, and they didn't let go of those who bullied their daughter.

those wretched scum are punished by the law.

the marriage troublemakers show no repentance at all. On the contrary, the victims are nervous all day long and lose confidence in life.

A wedding, a farce, shows the ugliest side of human nature incisively and vividly.

but why is such marital behavior still forbidden again and again?

in the eyes of those who make trouble in marriage, this kind of "trouble" is a traditional custom.

but now some people deviate from the right track and will only turn the custom into a "vulgar".

if vulgar marriages are not boycotted, they will always be indulged and will end in tragedy.

so don't use the wedding as a fig leaf and make vulgarity reasonable.

only bravely refuse vulgar marriage,

to make the wedding finally essential

People's Daily once commented on marriage trouble like this:

"marriage trouble" should have a bottom line; once it breaks the law, it is no longer a simple prank.

Marriage trouble, can not wait until hit the bottom line of the law to know how to be vigilant, more important to prevent people's misconceptions.

"anyone who dares to mess with my grandson, give him two sticks!"

the one who spoke harshly was a domineering grandmother from Zunyi, Guizhou.

it was Grandma's grandson's wedding that day. Although he had said hello to the villagers in advance, some people still tried to be "happy" when they picked him up.

in desperation, Grandma had to escort her all the way with a stick in her hand.

No wonder netizens like it crazily, calling it "hard core grandma!"

the same thing happened to a couple in Linfen, Shanxi Province.

on the way to pick up relatives, the bridegroom encountered "marriage trouble" from his relatives and friends.

I saw a group of people besieging the bridegroom, even with sticks in their hands.

the bride is not calm, just take off her high heels, put on sneakers, and immediately turn on the "baby protection" mode to protect the groom.

everyone was beaten back by the bride. I have to say, what a good caretaker!

whether they are hard-core grandmothers or crazy wives who protect their cubs, they dare to say "no" to those who like to get married.

hilarious is lively, not an excuse for boundless nonsense and other people's indulgence.

only by daring to refuse vulgar marriage and fighting back in a reasonable way can the wedding return to its essence!

Zang Hongfei once described the wedding in "the Theory of Strange works":

"Wedding is a large-scale embarrassing, absurd, self-contradictory, self-excited private temple fair."

Wedding is one of the most important moments in life. It should be surrounded by happiness and should not become a carnival for those who are vulgar.

when they use "making fun" as a shield, playing with their own vulgarity and low taste.

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disguise vulgarity and bad habits, which will only become the greatest sorrow of weddings.

if the journey of marriage requires two people to walk together, then protecting the wedding is the first step towards happiness.

so, vulgar, unlimited marriage, please stop!

Don't let vulgar marriage ruin your life's happiness!

, retweet to moments, let's all take action and refuse vulgar marriage!

May every subsequent wedding become a unique imprint;

everyone who participates in the wedding can enjoy the happiness and joy brought by the wedding.